Local Election 2018

8 April 2018


Our candidates - vote for Green councillors on 3 May 2018


Barnet Green Party are proud to announce that we will have the following local election candidates standing in the borough. Now we need you to help spread the word and help us to push for a change in the way things are run in Barnet.







David Farbey



David grew up in New Southgate and has lived in Whetstone since 1999. He is involved with the W.A.R. residents campaign to prevent the over-development of the North London Business Park site and supports the East Barnet Residents Association’s campaign to alleviate flooding in Oak Hill Park. He served as Treasurer of Barnet Green Party 2015-2017.

David is a professional technical communicator with over 20 years experience in high-tech industries. He now works to help companies achieve finance for business innovation through R&D grants and R&D tax relief. Passionately in favour of the UK remaining in the EU, David spends far too much time on Twitter at twitter.com/dfarb




 Ben Samuel 


Burnt Oak  local resident originally from West Hendon ward. 

Former candidate, 2015 General 15-2016 Policy Committee.

Opposes local government cuts. 

Supports religious freedom and local shops, least suffering in production of meat,

and has won a commitment from Barnet Council against FGM.

Gardener. Bike rider. 2018 Campaigns Officer of Barnet Green Party. Working hard for our community.





 Jemma Ferguson



Margaret Curati

 My name is Maggie Curati, I am an animal rights campaigner. I joined the Green Party because I believe it is the party who will do most to protect non-human animals. I should like the council to appoint an Animal Protection Officer. 

I welcome the Green Party's commitment to make Barnet a pesticide-free zone, including banning the use of Glyphosate. I believe the protected status of the Green Belt must be non-negotiable. I believe we are the party most committed to reducing waste and pollution, and to promoting and facilitating recycling. 

Other priorities must be to support and maintain the services and organisations that work with vulnerable people, and to banish homelessness from Barnet. 

I condemn the bombing of Syria. Violence cannot be a pathway to peace. There should be a full investigation, involving the United Nations. 



East Finchley


Steve Norman, Noel Lynch and David Mellows




 Kunal Dhanani-Sumaria



Kunal is born and raised in Edgware. He loves the cosmopolitan nature of the town and wants to make sure that local independent businesses can thrive.He is passionate about electoral reform and good governance and sees the palming off of the council to Capita as a travesty.


He also wants to address the state of the roads as potholes and illegal parking are wreaking havoc for all road users, but particularly cyclists and buses.




 Rachel Scott Halls

  I'm a university librarian.  I am a keen runner and a member of a local running club.  When not working or running I do occasional voluntary work for one off events.
 I'd like the libraries re-opened as staffed services accessible for all, and a greater importance placed in affordable housing and social housing.




 Adele Ward




Emile Batt


I have been an Edgware resident for four years and would love to see more investment in youth services and improvements made in air quality locally. If elected I would fight against costly, inefficient outsourcing and make more money available for social care. 




Carmen Legarda


Carmen is a British citizen of Spanish-Filipino heritage whose career has always been closely involved with social justice, improving minority wellbeing and welfare, and promoting equality in the workplace. As a Human Resources Consultant, she has worked in over 30 countries. Previous workplaces have included Save the Children, the NHS and The British Council. For the past 5 years, Carmen has worked as a consultant for an Immigration, Employment and HR Law firm in Kilburn. Carmen lives in Hendon, where she ran as Parliamentary candidate for the Green Party in 2017.   



Charles Wicksteed

Retired computer programmer. If elected, I would rely on council employees and contractors to tell me where things need improving, and I would check that the whistle-blowing procedure is being followed, and that everyone has confidence in it.  I would vote on each issue on its merits, with the aim of moving to a more sustainable and equal society.



Nathan Wade


Nathan is a Residential Worker in a Home for Looked After Children, with over 10 years of experience in Youth and Community Work. He is passionate about, building communities, tackling inequality, sustainable living and remaining in the European Union.
In his spare time, Nathan also likes to perform Improv Comedy and spends too much time on social media. 




Michelle Lynch

Mother and Qualified professional carer (specialises in Dementia and Alzheimer's)


 Kwatelai Quartey-Papafio 

Qualified carpenter. Born and raised in North London.  Married with one daughter. As rapper TRE,  he and his brother had a half hour program on Chanel 4.  He composed, recorded and wrote ‘Green Bus Rap’ for use on Green Party campaign busses.



Gabrielle Bailey

Gabrielle lives in East Barnet with her partner and cat and works for local charity Barnet Carers Centre, as well as working for mental health charity Mind. She has also worked in various charity sectors,  international development, social inclusion, sports and youth. 

She studied Politics at the University of Leeds where she was also involved in a number of student campaigns, including anti-fracking, anti-sexism, anti-racism and fair wages for student staff. She has also volunteered in a number of community and social projects, such as supporting in the Green League university league tables, producing a report on areas for regeneration and investment in Wales, and supporting a homeless charity with a fundraising campaign.

She is a vegetarian and keep upcycler. 





Raymundo Obedencio 


Commonly known as Obi, he joined the Green Party via the Occupy London movement from 2011. He now finds himself juggling his work as a builder and various political campaigns.  Politically active in Environmental campaigns, as well as, fighting for social justice. Witnessing Caroline Lucas being arrested in Balcombe, he realised that the Green Party was the party for him. You can't just be out on the streets, you also have to engage in the corridors of government. 

For the last six years, he can be found livestreaming demonstrations and events, not given any importance by the BBC and the mainstream media. You can find many of his videos on the YouTube Channel OccupyNewsNetwork UK.  You can also find him during the summer months digging in the plot, he shares with his partner, at the Clifford Road Allotments.



Jacob Trup

I am a hardworking, enthusiastic and a local boy to the Totteridge ward. I represent the many in Totteridge who share the same goal of making this ward more efficient, more green and building an innovative and dynamic future in terms of job-making for our residents. Having worked closely with foundations such as the Croxley Common Moore Group in preserving the natural habitat in Watford and investing in biofuel companies, I believe Totteridge to be the epicentre of a new wave of environmental innovation that we can create together. Having studied Politics and Economics at A-Level, I have formed my own opinions about what needs to change nationally and locally. 
By removing age-related wage bans and a tougher crackdown on the Gender Pay Gap crisis taking place nationwide, as well as the abolition of fracking and investment in clean, green renewable energy, i am confident a vote for me is not a vote wasted, but a vote representative of an inevitable movement towards a greener future.



Dawn Laughton and Brigitte Guile



John Colmans 


David Burns

David lives in North Finchley, with his wife Ofra, kids grown up and moved away. He is happy to have been a member of the Green Party since 1979 and on optometrist since 1974 - he spends most of his time doing the latter. In Council, he would like to help assist West Finchley maintain its peaceful and charming character. 




Miriam Green



Gardi Vaswani,


Nicole Onyeche


Diane Burstein

Diane Burstein

 Diane Burstein is a life long North London resident and has lived in North Finchley (Woodhouse Ward) for four years. She is a qualified London Blue Badge Tour Guide and contributes regularly to BBC Radio London on the subject of London’s history.