General Election 2017 Candidates Announced

23 April 2017

Phil Fletcher, Carmen Legarda and Adele WardBarnet Green Party is proud to be giving voters across Barnet the opportunity to vote Green in the General Election on 8th June. Our candidates are: 
  • Chipping Barnet Constituency - Phil Fletcher
  • Finchley and Golders Green Constituency - Adele Ward
  • Hendon Constituency - Carmen Legarda
In recent months Barnet Green Party has been highlighting the dangers of air pollution, stemming largely from the traffic on Barnet's major roads, and a particular danger close to many of our schools. If your environment is precious to you, now is the time to vote Green.

At the national level, the Green Party has campaigned to stay in the EU, and to reform the EU to make it more democratic and environmentally friendly. The debate leading up to the EU referendum in June 2016 was woefully inadequate, and largely dishonest, with a narrow focus on migration and economic issues while ignoring the importance of defending our human rights and protecting the environment. Even though it's nearly a year since the referendum, the Government has no clear strategy in many areas that will be affected by Britain leaving the EU.  Parts of the country and sectors of the economy from scientific research to food production, that have relied on EU funding in the past, face an uncertain future.
The Green Party is campaigning to retain membership of the single market, and to strengthen environmental and social protections. The Green Party will fight against attempts to turn the UK into a tax haven that only benefits the wealthiest individuals and the largest corporations. The Greens are emphasising their policies for younger people and this time, and will campaign for free education, a living wage for all and investment in mental health services. Caroline Lucas MP is also calling for votes at 16 so 16 and 17-year-olds can have their say in the election.

Join us in our fight for social justice and environmental justice, and vote Green on June 8th.

To get involved or to donate to our election fund, see

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