Barnet House is too polluted to live in

16 April 2017

The plan to convert Barnet House in Whetstone High Road to microflats has quite rightly raised a storm of opposition. And there is one particular problem that the developers cannot deal with however much they might amend their proposals.

We say that Barnet House is unsuitable for conversion to accommodation of any kind - small or large flats - because it stands in a highly polluted area and living there would be damaging to the health of occupants.

Readings taken by Barnet Greens show that AVERAGE Nitrogen Dioxide levels near Barnet House are already more than twice the legal limit of 40 microgrammes per cubic metre, even before erection of 288 homes approved for the nearby Sweets Way land and almost half as many again on the B and Q site a few yards from Barnet House.

Writing in a letter to the editor last week, Andrew Newby, who is from Totteridge, said

"The building is very run down and it should be demolished. New homes are sorely needed but hundreds if not thousands are already under construction at many sites in Whetstone and across Barnet. Unless the council acts urgently to reduce pollution levels in Whetstone it would be immoral for the developers to invite people to come and live in Barnet House, either as tenants or buyers."