Send us your ideas for reducing Barnet's air pollution

28 February 2017

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has recently announced several measures to counter the city's deadly air pollution - such as restraints on diesel vehicles and on more-polluting older cars in general. Barnet Council also needs to act.

Readings taken by Barnet Green Party have proven that average levels of poisonous Nitrogen Dioxide are above legal limits in many areas of Barnet including near a lot of schools and in other places where people regularly walk, such as Whetstone High Road. (See previous posts on this website).

Barnet Council hasn't shown much interest in environmental problems so let's give them some ideas.

We invite you to send in your own suggestions for ways in which Barnet Council, while keeping within its powers, could act to reduce pollution in the borough. Send in your thoughts to

The few things the council has already done include a clean air campaign in North Finchley and the stationing of two electric hire cars beneath Barnet House in Whetstone (confession: They are fun and cheap! See

Something else we would like to see is 20 mph limits on Barnet's residential and shopping streets - steadier driving reduces emissions as well as being safer.

But other steps are needed urgently. Please send in your proposals.

It really can be done. A few years ago local people sent the Greens ideas for 35 easy ways in which Barnet's recycling service could be enhanced, though sadly most have yet to be implemented.

So we would now love to hear how you think local air pollution could be dealt with.