2018 Local Manifesto


 Barnet Green Party 2018 Manifesto


Barnet  Green Party is working hard for your area.  Vote for a Green on Barnet  Council! Vote for what you believe in.  Barnet Council's recent budget  shows that the old parties on the council have run out of ideas.  Read  our manifesto to find out a bit more about Barnet Green Party. In many cases, these are campaigns local greens are already involved in and will continue to do so for 2018.

Four pledges: 

1.  Decent Council homes. Decent Council homes and Care for those who need it. 65% genuinely affordable for those on sale. 50% of new homes for Council Rent .  A real opposition from Barnet Green Party would hold the Council to account for their failings.
2. Turn Barnet Green.Implementation of Environmental policies urgently in all Borough Departments. Including air pollution reduction measures.
3. Long term protection for green spaces such as the wild areas of Mill Hill or the former Barnet F.C. site that our air pollution tests help to resist.
4. Develop public transport across and within Barnet,  connecting East to West , North to South and review where new underground stations would encourage urban development  decrease traffic flow and decrease air pollution.
Enable residents of Barnet to feel part of a community with easy access to homes, schools,work,  shopping, leisure, friends and community activities decreasing isolation and improving socialisation.

Council Housing: 

  • Ensure that the Green Party campaign for votes for residents in all "regeneration" schemes, - a condition of planning not just the Mayor's funding. Make all regeneration resident-led, with funding for expert support for residents to plan their own regeneration and people's plans.  
  • Commit to at least 65% affordable homes in any new council developments, with 50% at Council Rents. Scrap Boris 80% market rate definition
  • Bring  repairs and major works in house and run more efficiently for the public benefit. 
  • Make sure private renters in former right-to-buy homes on council estates are given full rights to be members of tenants' and residents' associations (TRA's). From £258,300,00 in 2014/15 to £270 million in 2016/17, on Housing Benefits; as Landlord subsidies. 
  • Total number of households on a temporary and/or non-secure basis in and outside Barnet was 2592. Total spend 2016-2017 £24,818,229
  • Use Council powers to take over long term empty homes (over six months) and bring them back to use, Last known figures in 2011 were 3,400.  No current figures available. 
  • As a point of information, these are the costs for Landlord incentives.  2014-2015 £840,170 (288 Landlords),  2015-2016 £1,067,146 (295 Landlords) 2016-2017 £1,657,621 (379 Landlords). These are public monies given to private landlords to renovate their housing. 
  • A renters union at Barnet Borough, for all renters to fight back against rogue landlords and soaring rents
  • Granville Estate needs green spaces protected as they're at risk of being sold to private developers.
  • Whitefield Estate is the one earmarked for demolition and currently fighting CPOs. Brent Cross Shopping Centre is being  overdeveloped, leading to the demolition of Whitefield Estate and a  huge increase in traffic to an area already above legal levels for  pollution.
  • We support residents of  Golders Green Estate and surrounding streets in their  campaign against  the Donaghue waste site on Claremont Road and the  pollution it causes. 

Community/Health and Wellbeing

  • We pledge to engage in proper, effective consultation with disabled people - we would champion their voices and not assume to speak on their behalf. 
  • To demand urgent review of the provision of social care in the borough, ensuring those being cared for and their families are fully included in the process. 
  • We  pledge to support community centres in the Borough and to reverse cuts to youth services.  Particularly Libraries that have effectively banned  children under the age of 15 from entry. 15-year-olds and younger can't enter libraries during self-service hours. We  support  increasing staffed hours again and bringing back proper sized  children's  libraries including the one at Golders Green which has been  stripped  and is an empty unused room now. If they were closed down, then re-open them. 
  • Introduction of The Partner Performance Programme: A scheme which encourages children and over 65's to couple up with a friend or neighbour and take part in one of the many physical activites available around the facilities in Barnet.
  • Green councillors to introduce citizen juries to enable local residents to help shape decisions on issues that affect them. 
  • We will monitor air qualit around schools and push Green Party Clean Air plans by the Council. 
  • Make Barnet a Pesticides Free Borough. 
  • We  are opposed to Barnet Council investing in the weapons trade. Ethical  investments make more returns compared to the Arms Trade and Fossil  Fuels.  
  • We  support  residents of Golders Green Estate and surrounding streets in  their  campaign against the Donaghue waste site on Claremont Road and  the  pollution it causes. 
  •  A Peace Park would be created in addition to the Memorial Garden.


  • Investigate whether it would be cheaper to pay the penalties in breaking the contract with Capita, than continue to suffer from their shoddy work. The Barnet Tories claim they  save £1 million a month from the outsourcing, but if the work is inferior, then they would have to go back to do it again. This wasting time and energy for everyone involved, especially the local community. 

Town Centre: 

  • Investigate whether it would be better to bring in a 30 minute free parking for vehicles, with no return for Two hours, in order to cut down on hogging car parking. 
  • Reduce rent or business rates on small businesses interested in opening in the High Street. 
  • Council plans for Barnet Town Centres should address the serious issues of Climate Change and Air Pollution. Wiping out small businesses and opening trendy coffee shops will not make them destination areas. 
  • Implement more pedestrian friendly roads and greenery to make the Borough attractive for local people to walk to and reduces polluton. 
  • Prohibit the planning permission for tall buildings, which is not in keeping with the local area and also a cause of pollution with the canyon effect. Pollution gets trapped in between tall buildings causing health hazards for local people. 
  • Brent Cross Shopping Centre  is being  overdeveloped, leading to the demolition of Whitefield Estate  and a  huge increase in traffic to an area already above legal levels  for  pollution.
  • For North Finchley, Signs to  and from the local tube station, Woodside Park and West Finchley, would  assist visitors to the High Street.
  • We oppose the North Finchley regeneration plans 
  • The regeneration of Golders Green Town Centre should invest in the whole of Golders Green, including the area beyond  the library and towards Princes Park, where the  stream needs to be cleaned and maintained. The regeneration should not define the border  with Hampstead, as the town centre. Plans to build high rise flats,  above the tube station or causing the demolition of the war memorial are not acceptable. There are other suitable areas for development of housing  outside the limited area this scheme has arbitrarily designated the Town Centre.
  • West Hendon Estate - the continuing construction is a health hazard for the residents of the Estate. Air pollution needs to be monitored and ensure Barratts are not breaking them.

Waste and Recycling

  • Push for more resources to track and prosecute fly tippers.
  • Increase number of bins and recycling points. 
  • Increase recycling rates in the Borough and monitor their services to ensures value for money. 
  • Campaign for supermarkets in Barnet to take back their plastic waste and wrappings.
  • Encourage and train school children in recycling. 
  • Ensure people know of Council services to remove large waste i.e. mattresses and sofas.

Climate Change/ Zero Carbon

  • We will hold the Borough to its commitment in the Zero by 2050 manifesto    and challenge to accelerate the programme to achieve the target by  2030.
  • We would like to see the creation of jobs and provision of training in the Borough by insulating homes street by street.  
  • Increase tree planting. 
  • Insisting    on the carbon levy from developers who cannot build zero carbon homes    and that money to be ring fenced for low carbon projects such as    retrofit. 

Green Spaces: 

  • We are committed to supporting Barnet's parks and public green spaces, which are essential for all neighbourhoods and all sections of our local communities. 
  • We would protect all our recognised and designated sites for all time by increasing the number of 'in perpetuity' legal covenants with Fields in Trust. We will ensure that such sites have the levels of staffing, maintenance and investment needed to achieve 'Green Flag' awards. 
  • We will fully back our dedicated Parks Services, and ensure they get the level of long-term funding and resources they need.
  • Campaign for tree planting, particularly fruit trees. 
  • Phase out the use of leaf blowers in parks

Air Pollution: 

  • Campaign with City Hall that the new Ultra Low Emission Zone for all vehicles is London-wide and brought in before 2020.
  • Prohibit  the planning  permission for tall buildings, which is not in keeping  with the local  area and also a cause of pollution due to the canyon  effect. Pollution  gets trapped in between tall buildings causing health  hazards for local  people. 
  • Brent  Cross Shopping Centre is being overdeveloped, leading to the demolition  of Whitefield  Estate  and a  huge increase in traffic to an area  already above legal  levels  for  pollution.
  • We  support  residents of   Golders Green Estate and surrounding streets in  their  campaign, against the Donaghue waste site on Claremont Road and  the  pollution it  causes. 
  • We will continue to monitor air quality around schools and push Green Party Clean Air plans by the Council.
  • Bring about the introduction of public bikes next to Totteridge and  Whetstone Station as well as positioned further up Totteridge Lane  towards Highwood Hill to reduce bus congestion, encourage a healthier  lifestyle and a more efficient, greener commute in and around  Totteridge.


Like  Green Councillors Katie Dawson (Islington's first Green Councillor) and Caroline Russell (Green Party Councillor - Islington), campaign for 20 mph speed limits on red  routes (which are controlled by TfL) and all streets except motorways.   These new speed limits are supported by London Ambulance and many other  interested groups.
Green  Party candidates in this area support pedestrians to get slower Green Man signals at crossings, and groups like Barnet Cyclists, to promote  these important modes of transport and prevent over-use of the motor car.
We  will work towards the development of a local transport infrastructure for Barnet,  connecting all parts of Barnet through bus, tram or underground reviewing the  combination needed to ensure Barnet residents feel like we belong within one large community and not feel isolated within our own areas due to lack of public transport. 
  • Prioritise walking and cycling in the borough, including free undercover bike stores at ALL stations in the borough and on the streets. 
  • Campaign with City Hall that the new Ultra Low Emission Zone for all vehicles is London-wide and brought in before 2020.
  • Trial neighbourhood-wide traffic reduction schemes with 'cheap and cheerful' live trials as a better approach than consultation. Barnet schools are particularly vulnerable to air pollution. i.e. Use concrete bollards or planters to block streets like the Walthamstow mini-Holland idea. 
  • We will continue campaigns to ensure trafffic calming measures are implemented in residential areas and school surroundings. 
  • Use local transport funding from the Mayor to target the most hostile junctions and streets, using Healthy Streets principles. 
  • Change traffic lights configuration to  give pedestrians more opportunities to cross. Pedestrians have to wait  for up to 10 minutes to cross in some places.
  • Reinstate bus announcement dot matrix signs at all bus stops.
  • Campaign to get bus drivers to pull up  level with the foot path. Many drivers pull up at an angle causing  problems when alighting for elderly and disabled people.
  • Barnet General Hospital and Finchley Memorial - Bus stops should be by the entrance of the hospitals, to make it easier for patients with mobility problems, 
  • Campaign for bus service linking Barnet and East Finchley to the Royal Free Hospital.
  • Zebra crossings are needed particularly for schoolchildren walking and using public transport to school. Dangerous roads with no crossings include Highfield Avenue by Brent Cross tube station and Brent Street near the Pillar of Fire for Hendon School children getting off the bus.